Proudly Made in The USA!

“Hands down the best Kydex holster I have ever seen! The amount of detail and rock solid lock up is phenomenal. Quality and craftsmanship are second to none! Order one quickly as I’m sure these will be in great demand when word gets out on the quality of Gerber holsters!”

-Matthew O.

“The quality is outstanding, from the perfect fit and excellent retention to the super smooth edges. I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship of this holster. I’ve been looking for this style of holster for months, and I definitely made the right decision. Thank you”

  • Tara C.

“Dude – you got it figured out. You know the problem with traditional AIWB plus mag holsters…the holster has no flex in it…the holster is just heated up and bent in between the pistol and the mag but everyone’s body is different so that design may work for some but not others. My having those two distinct items with the leather connecting them so the item can move and flex with the body makes all the difference in the world. Perfect!”

-Shawn H.

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