Blemished Holsters


We strive to produce the best quality holsters and kydex products on the market at Gerber Holsters, but sometimes things happen. We have produced holsters that are still fully-functional, but may have some minor cosmetic defects that prevent us from selling them at full price to our customers. So, for those looking to a great quality holster at a great price, now is your chance! Cosmetic defects range from overheated kydex to scuffs and scratches. While the holster may not be 100% cosmetically, it is sure to meet your needs for everyday firearm carry.

Any Blemished and Quick-Ship products ordered will be shipped within 3-5 days of receiving your order. Please note that if your firearm/weapon light combination, or your preferred kydex pattern is not listed, we do not currently have a Blemished or Quick-Ship holster in stock for you. If you wish to order a holster for a different firearm/weapon light combination, you will need to order a custom holster by going here. Please note that there are no returns on any Blemished or Quick-Ship holsters or products.



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