C.C.H.P. Competition OWB Holster


The Gerber Holsters “C.C.H.P” (Constantine Competition Holster Pro) is an outside-the-waistband holster designed for use in shooting competitions. The C.C.H.P. was built within the standards and specifications outlined for IDPA & USPSA shooting competitions. As with all Gerber Holsters products, the C.C.H.P. is built with incredible precision to offer a smooth draw and re-holster putting yourself at an advantage to your competition. With the included turbo screw, the C.C.H.P. has quick-adjustable retention allowing the holster to function just as you need it to during a competition. There are several belt attachment options to fit a variety of preferences or competition needs for the C.C.H.P.. Please refer to the kydex color options in the product photos when customizing your holster.


Kydex Color

*Some colors shown in the pictures may no longer be available.

Belt Attachment


Washer Color Option

Logo Color Option

Dominant Hand

*If you shoot with your right hand then choose "Right" has your dominate hand

Sweat Guard

Suppressor Height Sights

*Most holsters come standard with the capability to use your holster with suppressor height sights. Your holster will still most likely be made with enough room for suppressor height sights even if you select "No"

Optic Cut

*All optic cuts are the same besides the Trijicon SRO. Only Choose the SRO option if your firearms has a Trijicon SRO

Threaded Barrel

*Most holsters come standard with an open end to accommodate a threaded barrel or compensator. Select "Yes" anyway if you have one.

Bottom Cut

*Select "yes" on bottom cut if your firearm has a compensator. Depending on your firearm the end of some holsters will be cut back past the end of the slide/barrel for the compensator to pass thru. Most Holsters will come with an open end even if you select "No". If you have a Killer innovations comp, please select that option as the bottom cut will be slightly different.

Order Acknowledgement

Once your order is placed, you cannot make any edits or changes to your order without cancelling and having to re-order. If you order has entered production already, we are unable to cancel it. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Lead Time

Our current lead time is 12-16 weeks from the date your order is placed.

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