Sidekick-Helix AIWB Holster

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The Gerber Holsters “Sidekick-Helix” is an appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) carry holster designed to be comfortable for all day carry without compromising sturdiness and reliability. All Gerber Holsters products are built with incredible precision to offer a smooth draw and re-holster every time. The Sidekick-Helix is a two-piece design with a section of high-quality buffalo leather at the hinge point to allow the rig to conform to your body. The Sidekick-Helix comes with a concealment claw that pulls your firearm and rig close to your body for deep concealment while still allowing for a full purchase on your weapon without interfering with your draw. With the standard adjustable belt clips, the Sidekick-Helix offers ride height adjustability to fit your body better than any other holster. The Sidekick-Helix was also built with Gerber Holsters’ specialty spacers that allow for retention adjustability to help you to “Master Your Draw”. Please refer to the kydex color options in the product photos when customizing your holster.


Front Kydex Color

*This option is for the front side of the holster. *Some colors shown in the pictures may no longer be available.

Rear Kydex Color

*This option is for the rear or back side of the holster. *Some colors shown in the pictures may no longer be available.


*If you do not see your firearm listed then we unfortunately do not make holsters for it yet.

Belt Attachment

Washer Color Option

Logo Color Option

Dominant Hand

*If you shoot with your right hand then choose "Right" has your dominate hand

Sweat Guard

Suppressor Height Sights

*Most holsters come standard with the capability to use your holster with suppressor height sights. Your holster will still most likely be made with enough room for suppressor height sights even if you select "No"

Optic Cut

*All optic cuts are the same besides the Trijicon SRO. Only Choose the SRO option if your firearms has a Trijicon SRO

Threaded Barrel

*Most holsters come standard with an open end to accommodate a threaded barrel or compensator. Select "Yes" anyway if you have one.

Bottom Cut

*Select "yes" on bottom cut if your firearm has a compensator. Depending on your firearm the end of some holsters will be cut back past the end of the slide/barrel for the compensator to pass thru. Most Holsters will come with an open end even if you select "No". If you have a Killer innovations comp, please select that option as the bottom cut will be slightly different.

Order Acknowledgement

Once your order is placed, you cannot make any edits or changes to your order without cancelling and having to re-order. If you order has entered production already, we are unable to cancel it. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Lead Time

Our current lead time is 12-16 weeks from the date your order is placed.

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7 reviews for Sidekick-Helix AIWB Holster

  1. Kevin L. (Etsy) (verified owner)

    Craftsmanship is great, looks great. Can’t wait to start carrying it. Thanks Jeff

  2. Jonathan B. (Etsy) (verified owner)

    If you want a well made holster…..get one!

  3. Shawn H. (Etsy) (verified owner)

    Dude – you got it figured out. You know the problem with traditional AIWB plus mag holsters…the holster has no flex in it…the holster is just heated up and bent in between the pistol and the mag but everyone’s body is different so that design may work for some but not others. My having those two distinct items with the leather connecting them so the item can move and flex with the body makes all the difference in the world. Perfect!

  4. Jamie D. (Etsy) (verified owner)

    I received this holster quickly and it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. Jeff took time to quickly answer my questions on whether or not he could make the holster I wanted. The craftsmanship is second to none, but the comfort is where the Side Kick Helix really shines. The most comfortable holster I’ve ever worn. I can’t wait for my Glock holster to be delivered!!!!

  5. Tara C. (Etsy) (verified owner)

    The quality is outstanding, from the perfect fit and excellent retention to the super smooth edges. I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship of this holster. I’ve been looking for this style of holster for months, and I definitely made the right decision. Thank you!

  6. Nick C. (Etsy) (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be highly recommended.
    A hand written “thank you” would have been a nice touch to have added imo.

  7. Kinzy N. (Etsy) (verified owner)

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